List for dates retrospectively

Hi Have you got a good idea how to make a list for erlier date? I mean Detailed/Summary Aging, Top10 … Though there is a Date Filter on register Customer, but it works only in a few reports (Detail Trial Bal.). Thanks

you will need to customise on some of these reports. but it would look funny then. take for example the cust. detailed aging report. currently, this report will show you the entries as of today. you cannot show aging report for the month of april, if the current month is already on may. well you can customise the report to show the “cust. ledger entry”.“posting date” as a required filter field, but even if you were to do that, the cust. detailed aging report only shows entries that are open. if your invoices in april are settled by payments in may, the it wouldn’t show anyway. another alternative is to create a new detailed customer aging report which will use the “Detailed Customer Ledger Entry” instead of using “Cust. Ledger Entries”, becoz the “Detailed Customer Ledger Entry” will record any type of applications that are made to the invoices. :slight_smile:

Hello, if the report is based on the movement tables (G/L Entry, Item Ledger Entry, etc.) then you can usually add the filter line in the report for the posting date where you can enter the period you want to consider. if the report work with flowfields (e.g. balance of client or an account) there is usually a flow filter called Date Filter where you again can enter the respective period. remark on aging report - if you want the aging report for earlier periods than you need to do quite some programming, because in the meantime payments will have been realized that affect the report. You can nevertheless change the report in that way that you need to figure out when the closing payment has been realized - during the considered period or afterwards and in this case include (or not) the respective entry. Saludos Nils