List all Items by Supplier in Excel

Hi guys

I would like to know how can i generate an Excel list of all Suppliers with all items, including price per unit and the total amount for each item.

I tried in Purchase > Planning > Reports > Vendor / Item Purchases but i don’t get all these in the same report.

Can anyone help please?


The Lord…

You can use ODBC and create query from excel.

Or - You should ask your solution center and they will help.

Thanks Valentin,

But i consider dynamicsuser as my best solution center :wink:

We get to meet very helpful and experienced peoples over here


The Lord…

In standard functionality, I don’t think there is a way. Research…

  1. ODBC
  2. copy and paste the related records into Excel and combine with worksheet functions
  3. find a report that does print the data the way you want (or create one) and save it as HTML then open it in Excel
  4. In this same report you could use the functionality available in the Excel Buffer (table ID 370) to directly create an Excel worksheet
  5. Also in this same report, save the data out to a file in CSV (comman separated variable length) format and it will open nicely in Excel
  6. JetReports