liquidate a movement outside of the register date

liquidate a movement outside of the register date. In the configuration of the accounting 2 options that are exist “it Allows to register from” and “it Allows to register until” they are dates in which it will allow to register movements in the accounting. As they go the months happening I go modifying the dates so that the users cannot register movements with previous or later dates to the current month. But when I will liquidate a movement that has date previous to the current month but that they canceled it today, the system doesn’t allow to register the liquidation because it detects that the movement that I will liquidate this outside of date, but that is INCORRECT because the liquidation has to register with the current date. If somebody understands me and he/she has some idea or solution I will be appreciated him he/she answers.

Sergio This has been corrected in version 3.++. The only solution in Navision solutions (2.++) is to change the “allow posting from and to dates” for the user temporarily, post the application, and then change the dates back again… Alison

I work with the version Navision 2.60 Argentina Thank you