linkPhysicalTableInstance Method

I’m using a tempDB (called tempDB here) as a datasource on a form to keep a running total of some ledger lines.

In testing, I created an init method that called a populateData method on the form object and the database populates successfully: tempDB.linkPhysicalTableInstance(element.populateData());

However, I am interested in editing and adding records to this datasource on a display method of another datasource. The code compiles, but when I loop through tempDB_DS only the initial records exists and are unchanged.

Can you run the linkPhysicalTableInstance method from outside of init?


You say that you want to add records to the datasource, not to replace it by a completely different temporary dataset .Therefore I wouldn’t expect you to use linkPhysicalTableInstance() after the initialization. It doesn’t sound correct.

Also, inserting records from a display method sounds like a terrible idea by itself. Not only that you’re violating the contract (saying that it merely displays something), you have little control over how many times the method will execute.