Linking to remote server tables

In Navision 2.60 SQL Server, is it possible to link Navision tables to tables on a remote SQL Server across the web? There is a property for tables called RemoteServerNo, but I have no idea how this works. The help for it is one line: “Use this property to select a remote server to which you will connect in order to access the data in this table.” Phil

I think i saw this at Xtreme Passport 2000 in Atlanta, but i cannot remember how. Any of you SQL guru’s out there to enlighten us? Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

I think that all you need is to create a SQL VIEW in your SQL Financials DB as, SELECT * FROM WHERE <…> or SELECT <field1, …> FROM WHERE <…> or any other valid SELECT statement. Name thar view as $. For example: [Cronus, ltd$MyRemoteData] Then define a Table in Financials with the fields and data type you want from the VIEW. Save the table as (in our example MyRemoteData). You will receive a warning saying that there is a SQL Table with that name. Accept to link the Navision Table to the SQL VIEW. Now you can work with your Navision Table. Hope this helps