Linking the Website with the Item Card


I asked this question on a beginners forum, but I realize now I probably should have posted it here. My apologies! I’m new to this site. :slight_smile:

The company I work for is using NAV 5.0, and currently I was given the task of finding out if there is a way to provide some sort of link between the pricing on an item card, and a website. What I essentially want to happen is for the pricing entered on the item card in NAV to be directly linked to the website, so that if I go into the item card and change the price, the price on the website will automatically be updated.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

  • Courtney

Is it supposed to be shown only for information purpose or would you plan to go beyond that to offer any online ordering capabilities?


If you’re using SQL, you could create a SQL view on Item card and select information from your website from the view.

Well, since you probably don’t want your backoffice database directly linked to the internet, I would suggest three options:

  • Sync the data using a NAS to an second database that can be used by your website
  • Create a webservice in NAV that can be used by your website. Make sure it has no write permissions in your backoffice DB for security reasons
  • If you really want a webshop you could also use a third party program like activigence ( or something similar.

@Marco: I understand that having internet access to Navision system isn’t the most secure way to read the information:

  • NAS solution - problems with real-time data. As I understand Courtney’s problem, she wants the changes in NAV to be reflected in website immediately.
  • NAV webservice? This is OK, if you’re using NAV2009. But they’re using 5.0, so I guess you should write some webservice which runs on servers IIS and selects data from SQL database. So basically it’s the same solution as to read the view from website.
  • third party solution: OK, if you have the money to buy the solution.

Maybe I’m missing something, but what is the risk of exposing one view, which selects Item No. and some decimal field from NAV database, if the view has read-only permissions?

@Koshe, just the fact that your database has an open connection to the internet isn’t the best idea imho. You only need one mess up with the security permissions on the account that’s used for the website and you’ve got a security issue. But of course,I’m not really a SQL guru… :slight_smile:

I’m not SQL guru either, but I think creating a role with deny anything except select on one view shouldn’t be very hard.

Once more I agree that having external access to NAV database is a serious security issue. But in some situations there is no better way.