Linking tables and creating a report

I want to create a report linking two tables (Sales Header and Sales Lines) and create a tabular report. I can link the tables, choose the required fields, place any limits, etc. However, when I want to format the tables, I am having some trouble. I want to have the top line (Header) contain information from both tables and the body contain info from both tables as well. I can have data in a Sales Header header then info in a Sales Line header, but not both Sales Header and Sales Line in one header section. I also want Sales Header fields and Sales Lines fields to print in one body. How do I do this? Some of the fields are: customer #, customer name, part number, part description, quantity, date due… Thanks for any help.

Hi, You can print the Sales Header Info in any section of Sales Line (that is linekd table with Sales Header) by Using “Table name”.“Field Name”. for example you want to print Customer Name from Sales Header table to body section of Sales Line dataitem. You need to set the SourceExp property as “Sales Header”.“Sell-to Customer Name”. But Vice-versa is not possible directly. For that you need to write some code.

Thanks, Jaiswal. If I can do this, which I’ll try right away, and it works, the logic will be used for other reports such as Sales by Vendor. I need particular info that will be copied into an Excel spreadsheet then pivoted. After this, then the end user can do whatever he wants with the info.