Linking report To sales table form?

Hi All,

I ve a Report Created By Using "SalesLine " Datasource.

Now I Want To OPen this report By Clicking a Button In Salestable Form.

This Report Will Show the SalesLine Of Selected SalesOrder.

Share Your Suggestions…

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Hi Bobby,

In the form you will get the args of SalesTable and get the salesid…By using this salesid…select the records from the salesline…

Naresh Kolli

You need to pass the salesLine record of the selected Sales order by setting the data source property of the button as SalesLine & catch it in the init() method of the report by using following code-

SalesLine salesLineObj;

salesLineObj is the SalesLine record of selected sales order.


Hi Naresh,

Thnkas for your reply.

Report contains DS as “SalesLine_DS”

Can u tell me coding in Report’s init(), Fetch(), and in the Clicked() of the Button…

Thanks in Advance…

Hi Bobby…

In MenuItemButton – properties
MenuItemType – Output(the report menuitem)
MenuItemName – reportName
DataSource – SalesTable;

In the report init() method…

if(args && args.dataset() == tablenum(SalesTable))
SalesTable = args.record(); //Declare SalesTable buffer in class declaration…

In the fetch() method…

select the salesline basing on the salesTable…

Naresh Kolli