Linking Purchase orders with Production Orders

How can I see the Purchase Orders that are related to a particular Production Order?

NAV 2013.


Dave K.

your purchase and production orders will have the order tracking as the link…

this work in nav 2013… order tracking will track your production order adn itrs respective purchase order and sales order…

remember all the orders need to be created from planning worksheets… manual creation of orders will not be entertained here.


Thanks for that,

I was using “Order Planning” to create Purchase and Production orders from the Sales demand. Does this work the same as “Planning Worksheets”?

I have just tried “Calculate regenerative plan” from Planning Worksheet after adding and releasing a sales order.
I set both MPS and MRP, but nothing appeared.


Dave K

Yes in this case it should appear… check the order tracking from your sales order…


Hi Anil,

We have something called ‘Special Order’ where we can manually create a Purchase Order against a Sales Order. Any idea whether we can do the same thing in case of Prod. Orders?

Kind regards,


Hi Chinmoy,

As far as i know there is no such special orders directly linked for production orders… how ever you can create special order from sales or purchase orders


Thanks Anil!