Linking of New form in Customer Card

Dear All,

Kindly suggest for below query:-

I created a New Table “Salesperson Matrix” and created a List for from the Table.

In My Table Following Field s added:-

Table ID


Salesperson Code

Zonal Manager

Effective Date

I want to link this Form to Customer Card. and want to add a New Field as “Salesperson Matrix” in Customer Card on which look up my List Form will be opened and this field will carry a Value of Salerperson Code.

Kindly suggest how to proceed.


What did you try and where are you facing problem?

I want that the Form which i have Created as “Salesperson Matrix” should be seen as follows:-

Value in this field should be Salesperson Code from the Sales person Table and when i press f6 it should show me the “Salesperson Matrix” form which i prepared from Salesperson Matrix Table.

Kindly Suggest.

Have you checked in Customer Card different links available.

No Idea, Kindly Suggest

Check Sales Menu button ->Order or Invoice.

Check the Property.

You can use below for your form link.

RunObject =Salesperson Matrix;

RunFormLink = Salesperson=Field(Customer Sales Person)