Linking a Helpfile with Navision

Hi all, I used the HE LP creation.doc file written by John Tegelaar and i managed to make a helpfile in Helpscribble. I created a new form in a NF2.6 Database and added two buttons. I used the correct Context String, and I copied the .hlp,.cnt and .gid files to the NF2.6 root directory. When I open the form and want help on one of the buttons I still get a Navision help screen? Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? Thanks for your time, Kind regards, Robin van den Boom

Did you make a .hh file for your helpfile ?

Is this always necessary? Or only if you want to link your help topics to existing objects in NF?

If you want your helpfiles to be displayed, then yes it is necessary. The .hh file contains the link between the NF object ID and the corresponding helpfile.