Linked table does not show up in SysQueryForm

Hi Guys,

Here’s the situations:

We have table “CustInvoiceJour” and for our customizations we have added a new table “CustInvoiceJourExt”. To link them together, we have added the following relation:

Table: CustInvoiceJourExt
Relation table: CustInvoiceJour
Relation: CustInvoiceJour.RecId == CustInvoiceJourExt.CustInvoiceJourRecId

Now, in the SysQueryForm, we can’t add this new table to the CustInvoiceJour table. We don’t see it showing up in the list.

What more do we need to do to make it show up?

Update cross-references with “Update data model” ticked.

Exclude all code from the update, otherwise it may run for hours.

Or you can update the xRef for the single table.

It basically updated \Data Dictionary\Tables\xRefTableRelation

Yep, that helped! Thanks alot guys!!