Linked Documents - Automatic Organization ??

With Linked Documents, is there a way with the RTC, that when someone uploads a file to automatically specify the location the file should reside?

I’m afraid that users will upload documents from their My Documents which will be unaccessible from others. I really don’t want this to be reliant on an end-user to do all this work up-front to ensure documents are accessible.

Basically, they should be able to upload a document from wherever, then NAV puts the document somewhere organized…automatically.

I read this topic, but it’s from 2004.

Hi John,

The linked post is in relation to Interaction templates.

The Link functionally does not store the file but a URL to the file (in table 2000000068 Record Link). You would need to write code to copy/move the file and then update the URL either in the OnInsert or a OnValidate trigger of the table.