Link WMSPickingRoute to SalesTable

Does anyone know how to link WMSPickingRoute To SalesTable in sql. I know I should link dataareaid in both tablesand WMSPickingRoute .transrefid = SalesTable.salesid.

I think I am missing either a link or a “linking table”


Well there is a table named WMSPickingRouteLink that is linked to WMSPickingRoute by the pickingRouteId . This link table do help in the relationship with salesTable linking the following:

WMSPickingRouteLink .InventTransType == 0

WMSPickingRouteLink.OrigInventTransRefId == SalesTable.SalesID

hi …

i need some information/code how to post the dat company salesOder saleID to another company(Dup) salesOrder saelsID.ples give the replye quickly.