Link PO with PI

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When i get a purchase invoice, i always make a new PI for the vendor and choose [Functions]-[Get Receipt Lines]. This is because I can get one invoice for multiple purchase orders.

The problem however is, the link between a PO and a PI is non-existant when i post the PI this way. Is there any way to see on which PI a PO is posted ? There must be a link somewhere, or are these completed seperated when you post a PI this way ? If that’s the case, how can i post it without severing the link.

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From the ledger entry created from the receipt of the purchase order you can navigate to the receipt which will contain the order number on the receipt header. From the ILE line you can drill into the cost field and see the associated invoice and receipt. The link the get receipt creates is between the receipt and the invoice, not strictly the order (although naturally it is) this is to ensure costing flow and currency works. The interface here could be much better, but depending upon what you are looking for the information is not that bad from the ILE, although if I had the PO number I would start my search on the posted receipts screen, look at the receipts created from the order, from here I would drill into the item call up the ILE’s and see what I needed from this screen.