Link Item Product groupto multiple tiem Categories ?


Is it possible to have the product group linked to multiple item categories? its required because the product group is common for different categories.In the same time the group can’t be used as category as it is range is less than the category.


Cat1=man; Cat2=lady and for both category we have EDP. We dont need to have EDP created twice.

Create category as EDP and subcategory as Man,Lady etc…

I mentioned that EDP is of a small range and cant be in category.

The primary key for the product group is “Item Category Code,Code”. This means that every product group has to have a category assigned to it. If the product group ‘EDP’ is a valid value for both the categories ‘man’ and ‘lady’ then you will need to create two product group records, one for each category.

Well that is why im checking if there is a multiple link possibility. Dont need to create the same product group over and over again.

Yes, there is a “multiple link” possibility. You do it exactly as Denster describes. So, you’ll have to create it “over and over again”. What you are saying you want is a one to many relationship between product group and item category. You would have to enter the relationship between them at some point (“over and over again”) no matter what.

The only thing that might make it easier was if you had a single table holding each possible product group code; then if you did a rename they would all be updated.

I get what you are saying, but please understand that technically, from a database standpoint, Man-EDP is a different product group than Lady-EDP. The Product group is defined by its Code as well as its Item Category Code. It’s the way that the system is designed. If you want to change that, you will have to modify it.