link Item Master with location

Hi , I want to link each item with a location. can you please share ideas to achieve this.

Also i have same item stored at multiple locations, can any one guide for this also.

thanks in advance…

The default it set in the item warehouse setup from the item record. If you activate the location dimension it will suggest the default location but you can pick and receive into others - if you want rules you need to start processing with WMSII

Thanks for the advice. Now how can you advice how can i setup this location as default automatically in transactions whenever the item is selected.

You create the warehouse item record for it and define the location, so when the warehouse is selected the system populates the location.

Hi Shrikant,

First of all, you need to create a dimension group with the selection of location (Storage dimension) and assign this dimension group to you item master record and Create location (ex: Aisles,rack,shelves,bins) now Assign the location at the item master record by selecting setup > Warehouse items > locations (tab). So, when the item with WH selected it will select location.


Thanks Sarathy and Adam. It works for me. I think i can also create multiple lines for single item also. As we have situation that the item can be at multiple locations