Link from Navison to a different application

I pretend create a link on Navision 6 SP1 to a different application.

The idea is to help user on his work Instead of close nav to work with another SW Application, He call’s that SW from Navision.

How can I do That?

Hi Luana,

You can do that using the HYPERLINK function.

Do you want to open that application from Navision on click of button ?



Can you give me one navision example? I have never use that function on Nav

There are plenty of examples, just search for Dynamics NAV and Hyperlink, or you can check out the tag page:


Using the HYPERLINK function, I inseert this on a new form :

Form - OnOpenForm()

But the application is not exeuted.

Try this: HYPERLINK(‘G:\WCLINICAS\Wintouch.Healthcare.App.exe’);

You have to Use Shell Command to execute EXE

Check this link

In fact SHELL is better here. Hyperlink is used to open a specific HYPERLINK to a document or a URL. It will not open your application.

The problem is that SHELL is not supported by RoleTailored Client (= any future versions of NAV).

Hi Erik .

I tried to make link with macro excel 2010 :

I make a share folder in server. And I want to execute that folder file from Navision client PC.

HYPERLINK (’ \Server|Macro\ABC.xlsm’ ); but it is NOT WORK. the warning message : "Hyperlink failed to find the target …

if I Run directly from server it is work fine.

do you have other solution for this hyperlink ( from client PC to NAv server ) ?


Alfian 98 .