Link Business Unit to TDS Ledger.......

Dear All,

We are using AX 2012 R2 latest version…

In the same while passing the Exps. entries with TDS Group attach to the vendor.

Dimensions are compulsory as per our requirement. But currently we can attach the dimension to Account & Offset account only.

But on TDS Ledger calculated automatically are not fall in any dimension. So system not allowing to post the entries.

How we can attach dimension to the TDS Ledger…?


Jinesh Shah

Hi Jinesh,

We have the option of creating a custom Dimension under Dimensions, by using we can attach this Custom Dimension to meet your requirements…



Hi Ashwin,

Problem is that dimensions values can be attached at from header to ‘Account’ and ‘Off set account’.

Now TDS payable account is a system defined account and it comes from the set up done in GL>Set up>Withholding tax > Withholding tax groups.

So this GL is not getting any dimension value and throws an error.

Can any one help in this matter.?



Hi Jinal,

Same issue also i faced, any solution.



Did change in the code and post it.

So you need to do customisation for this.

Actually this problem comes when you are not posting transactions to the account directly, for example TDS and Cash discount account etc. During the transaction posting, system merges the fin dim and allocated to ledger account. During this process, some of the accounts are not associated to dimension. AX assumes that those account doesn’t require dimensions as per design.