Link between table 32 and table 7312


do you know if there is unique link between tables 32 “Item Ledger Entry” and table 7312 “Warehouse entry”?

It seems that it could be Entry No, as records seem to use the same number. But I have realized that this is not always the case. The entry No. is the same in some 80% of cases rest does not work.

The reason why I am looking for the link is that client wants to see link between Lot No. and Bin No. For some strange reason client can not use proper set-up (Field “Lot Warehouse Tracking” on “Item Tracking Code” is blank) so the field “Lot. No” on table 7312 is always blank.

Any help appreciated



Hi Michal,

there really isn’t a logical way to link these. bascially one item entry can related to multiple bin numbers, and also to lot numbers. If you forced a one to one link then you would loose that logic. Strangely I can see reasons why the clinet would want this, but they don’t make full sense in Navision terms. Ithink you need to just convince the client that the mods required are going to cost them more than using Navision as its designed.

But if you can convince them, then you could create a “sort of link” that would not be 100%, but might give them a report that they are happy with.

But then you were always good at convincing the customer to do it the correct way, so I am sure you will convince them. [;)]

Hi David

thanks for your prompt answer.

I’ll try to convince client to go along with the standard set-up.

My only concern is that this will help in this specific problem (link between Lot No. and Bin No.) but later client perhaps will want different combination of fields which are sperad in Item ledger entry and Warehouse entry records.

Thanks again