link between purchase header and sales header?

Dear All,

Is there is a link between Purchase header & Sales Header? Or how can I link them?


Drop Shipment.

You can purchase then against a specific Sales Order. But, in that scenario, merchandise bypasses Inventory completely.

What Modris is referring to is the functionality in NAV called “Special Order”, where you create a “special order”, which is converted to a purchase order. Or the Drop Ship functionality.

Another way to link a purchase order to a sales order is to use reservations.

Then again, I have a customer, where all they need is the option to enter the sales order no. manually into the header.

So there are many way to “link” the two in NAV, it depends on what your users need. [:)]

Thanks Modris & Eric,

@ Eric thanks for getting down to my level and for explaining this in some details! It was really nice of you :slight_smile:

Ps: How can I get a notification mail once someone reply to this post? I am really trying to figure this out since a long time. I used to get mails but somehow now I cannot receive any mails.