link between invoice and reception

Is there a way to track the receiving of goods vs the suppliers’ invoice ? Once an invoice is posted, we can not find anymore which reception applies. Is it possible to find this relation ? or to create something… Regards,

Hi, 1. You can find relation in the Item Ladger Entry Table. In the Invoice Item Ledger Entry field Closed by Item Entry is number of Receipt Entry. 2. If you do not use Option Combine Shipments then Oreder Number field in the Posted Receipt Header and Posted Invoice Header will be the same. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

I tried this, but the field 'closed by entrie no" shows no other value than 0. I looked in table 32 (item ledger entry). Am I doing something wrong ? Regards

Hi, this field filled only if you post Invoise after receipt (shipment for sale). In this case system create entry with Quantity = 0 and “Invoiced Quantity” <> 0. If you have such entries with “Closed by Entry No.” = 0 you have a huge problem becose in this case system cant calculate cost associated with receipt. I hope you do not have such entries. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 10/6/00 2:36:51 AM