Link Accruals to Payments


In order to automatically create accounts schedules using SQL reporting tools, we are trying to link accruals in Dynamics NAV to the corresponding payments.

We are thinking of doing it using reason codes: For example we book the accruals for the year-end bonus to a balance sheet account called “Bonus Accrued”. For each entry we use the same reason code (e.g. “BONUS09”). At the end of the year when we pay out the bonus we move the total amount from “Bonus Accrued” to AP) and give it the same reason code. This will allow us to create an account schedule showing all the transactions that are not yet paid.

Does anyone have any comments or futher suggestions on this?



Maybe I haven’t catched the idea of your question, but still

  • if you accumulate bonuses on some G/L account (e.g. Accrued bonuses), you can distribute them by means of Recurring Journal (Method=Balance), say, monthly, nevertheless real payments are done only once at the end of the year - but so postings will be done & your AS will reflect the payments due?