link a request form to a report

I’d like to have a checkbox on a report request form that determines when a column appears on a report. How do I link the request form and report up? is it an IF statement or something? thanks

Hi jgr Cool Name [;)] First of all: Please don’t post your request twice or more! Every new posting is shown to all other users! I would do this: - create a Boolean variable [e.g. YesNo) - place a checkbox on the requestform with an entry in the properties: SourceExpr = YesNo This will happen on runtime: check the box = YesNo(True) uncheck the box = YesNo(False) - in the code of the report you need something like this: If YesNo = True then begin ... do your code ... end; bye André

Hi jgr, the request form is always “linked” to the report, simply when there is no control on the request form, the request form is not visible - as soon as you place a control on the form it will show up. When editing the report, simply select in the View menu the Request Form… and the rest as André describes… Saludos Nils