LINES button got deleted/hidden on the Journal form


One of our user in AX2009 has a problem, currently when he goes to PROJECT-Journal-Expense,

he can create a new journal, but the LINES button is not there, the Administrator by mistake did something and the button got deleted/hidden.

How can we restore the button


Right Mouse Click - Record info - Reset.

If this faIls right mouse click, setup, note the name of the form, go to the AOT and either delete the user version or restore.

You could of course ask teh administrator what they actually did :slight_smile:


If there is no customizations in that form…

Goto the form, right click → Set up, note the form name. then goto AOT-> Forms… find ur form, right click on the form click on delete option.




Right Mouse Click - Record info - Reset.—Sorry, I think it is SETUP–RESET

Right Mouse Click - SETUP - Reset.—This did not work,

Next , i understood the form is LEDGERJOURNALTABLE but when i check the AOT, there are 2 forms with the same name, i am afraid/confused to do so.

please tell me which one i shall delete.


If it is not displaying only for some users - then it is not a problem with the form.

Check the permissions to the user and if it got hidden - you can do a right click on the form and then click show - which will show all the hidden things in the forms


It is happening only for 1 user and i had tried to SHOW, as suggested by you. but it did not work.


then check with the user permissions…

yeah the user might be diasbled in seing the lines