LineNumber creation

Hello, while creating a new record in child table line numbers are inserted in reverse order(Negative values … like…0,-1,-2…)…but i need positive vlaues like 0,1,2,3… thanks and regards. shabeer

Hi, I think you should tell more details. Such as which table you want to create line number???

Hi, Have you tried changing the Extended Data Type of the field to only allow positive value (set Allow nagative to No)?

hi all, thanks for u r quick responce. Actually i am trying to insert the records into the customised Table. which is in the form of Header and line Format. while i am inserting a New record in the Line Table It is Taking Negetive line Numbers. So that Line is Going up. but Line No is an extended Datatype and we set the Property of AllowNegetive to No. Let me know how to Generate Number series Automatically when ever we Insert a new Record Like Purchase Order creation. Regards, ramesh.

Hi Ramesh, The standard way of using line numbers in a header/lines table is to create a real field (use edt lineNum) in the lines tabel. Set the field lineNum as counter field for the lines datasource (use the property CounterField). Best regards, Steen Andreasen

Hi ,

i have create real field for the line number. and also set the counter field property. but that same error is occurring… (Line Number coming -1,-2,-3…) .

Let me know how to generate positive number