Line Nos are not well sent after Approval

Hi all,

I am doing a process on RTC, a Document No.(Header + Line) which is supposed to be approved by an approver.

Therefore, I have customized a page and attached its PagePartID and SubFormLink property.

Now, I am adding a new Document No. and some item nos.(let’s say 3 items) on the Line part but when I do Functions->Sent for Approval.

Only the last line for that item is being sent on the Approver side.

Can you please help me where am wrong?

Its been a while since I am facing this issue.



The document approval process sends only header data and approver need to see document by clicking on show document

Now if you want to send the Item No with approval document to approver then its need to customize.

Let us know what code you have written.

My codes are working fine on the Classic.

I have checked some codes for standard forms and compared that of pages. The coding are practically the same…

This code has been written on the option Functions->Sent for Approval
- OnAction()
IF Status=Status::Open THEN BEGIN
Status:=Status::“Send for Approval”;

Also, when I do this action mentioned in the code, only 1 line of items is getting displayed on the Line part

And for the approver side, only 1 line is being shown.

Is there some property that has not been set?

Please advise.