Line No. in Sales Invoice Line


Is it possible if I can change the Line No. field from Sales Invoice Line to a 2 decimal only??

For example:

10000 - “1” only??

If yes,

Can you guide me on how to do it?

I think it is not possible to change that.

First question: why do you want to do this? Technically you could it is possible, but do you really want as you would have to redesign standard NAV behavior which I strongly discourage you to do.


The value of Line No. field on the Sales Invoice Line table (113) is populated from the Sales Line table when posting a sales invoice, simply by copying data. This is done in codeunit 80 (Sales-Post) from which you should stay away if possible.

The value of the Line No. field on the Sales Line table (37) is set by means of the AutoSplitKey on the subform/subpage that displays the sales lines. You cannot "program"the AutoSplitKey functionality and would have to program around it, which means (as said above) "you would have to redesign standard NAV behavior ".


There are various features that makes use of the Line No. field to link other entities to a specific Sales (Invoice) Line, like Dimension/Comments/Shipments/etc…Changing the value of the Line No. field will mess up these features as references are not valid anymore.

So do you really want to go through this. I would strongly advise: DON’T!

It’s better for you to create a new field to store Human Line No. , rather than manipulate NAV Line No. , it’s there for a reason.

The 5 digit line number is intended (possibly mostly) to handle insert new line between original lines without actually change “Line No.” , (and there u got all dimensions , apply entries, item track …etc related. )

I got my own solution… [:D] I used increment…

(LineNo= declared variable)

Line - OnAfterGetRecord

LineNo := LineNo + 1;