Line Item Text

Where do we use line item text in sales order line type

Could you elaborate?

Do you mean extended texts? These are additional descriptions against an item that appear on documents.

Are you looking at the table?

What’s you mean?

At Sales line, have a column is Item no., I think you can create flowfield to get some text for item.

No, you do not have a column “item no.” in sales line.

What you have is a field “Type” and a field “No.”. When you set the type to “Item” you can enter an item number into the “No.” field.

So the question is: What result do you want to achieve under which circumstances?

What I mean is your question is not clear.

What are you doing? What do you want to achieve? Where are you doing it?

Without a clear question your chances of getting the answer you want are remote. You have now added the word “flowfield” into the question and “how can I”, so it is now a development question, it was not before.