Line is storing in inventory posting table but not appearing in posting form if we select item code as Category

Hi Experts,

I am adding a new main account to prepayment for PO…

So lets go to item group from inventory and ware house management select>setup >inventory>item group >select item group click on posting >purchase order > pre payment > add new line ans select category.

Very first time line is creating and storing in inventory posting table.

Again close and reopen form this time previously added line is not appearing,

again i tried to add same line but not allowing me because we have records with same combination in Inventory posting table.



It filters the data shown on the form when the form is opened from Item groups. Press Ctrl + G on grid and you will see the range value.

Open the posting form directly and you will be able to see all the records. Setup → Posting → Posting.

HI Kranthi,

Thanks for continuous support.

Yes we are able to see there is a filter if open posting form from item group.If i remove that filter working fine.

But why filter is applying is there any reason behind that, what will happen if i remove that from code.

Because as per my client requirement he want show that category record if he open posting form from item group.

and that too why it is happening only for Category.



It was designed to show the records related to that item groups (or) records with All Item code, but not records with category relation.

You can look at the code, \Classes\InventPostingForm\itemCodeRange

Thanks Kranthi.