Line discounts

Hi, I would like to be able to set up particular customer with brand discounts. So say, for example:

We have items from brands A, B, C and D

Brand A contains 5000 individual items

Customer X should receive 10% off brand A

So is there a way to set that up for customer X, or does it have to be 5000 individual line discounts set up in sales lines?

Thanks for any help!


There is no standard way of doing this if remember it correctly. But it’s not that hard to code.

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I believe you should be able to set a specific Item Discount Group against all those items (via RapidStart for speed). Then put a rule against that Item Discount Group for the Customer in question and if necessary other rule(s) for any other Customer Discount Groups and/or All Customers if necessary. Check in a test database first.

You are right.
I have checked it now.
I thought that Item Discount Group is not standard in Dynamics NAV.
My bad.