Line discount setup - combination item group, invent dimension


setting sales line discount in relation to item group and cannot define inventory dimension (warehouse), the field is inactive. Defining discount to every single item goives possibility to setup the warehouse.

It seems for me like bug from MS. We are on AX5.


It’s not a bug, when you select the item relation to “group” it means for all the items which are linked with specific line discount group. So, few items may have warehouse and few items may not.

So, finally the discount is applicable for all items irrespective of warehouse, site or any other dimensions. Therefore, you can not specify the warehouse or site when you select the item relation to “Group”.

I guess I see your point. Does it mean I have two items within one group and one of them has only dim Site mandatory and second for example dim site and wh mandatory and thats the reason its not permitted?

what i mean is, by default the fields will be inactive when u select the item relation to group. I just explained the reason behind why those could be inactive by default.