Line Discount % not getting Set on Sales Order

When I insert a line in a Sales Order for an Item, the Line Discount % does not automatically fill in based on the Customer Discount Group. What am I missing?

Customer Card, Invoicing tab:

  • Allow Line Disc: Checked
  • Customer Discount Group: 50% (if Item Disc Group = Finish Goods, Min Quantity =1, Line Discount % =50.00)

Sales Header (Table 36) for the associated Sales order:

  • Allow Line Discount field: Checked

Sales Line (Table 37) for the Line associated with the Sales Header

  • Allow Line Discount field: Not Checked
  • Customer Disc Group: 50%

Item (table 27) for the Item on Sales Order:

  • Allow Invoice Disc field: Checked
  • Item Disc Group = Finish Goods

If I manually enter the Line Discount % the Discount calculates, but why is it not automatically filling in?

Thanks for the help.

If I’m not wrong Line Discount % on sales line document is affected by Sales Line Discount table: was never mentioned in your post, can you please check it to verify if any record with Type = Item Disc. Group and Code = Finish Goods are defined?