Line Discount Display

All user can access and can see Line Discount on sales ledger/common forms/customer detail > Sales Order tab. However, one user is not able.

Please suggest how should I allow him to see the Line Discount on the Sales Order tab. Please see attachment!


This is the common issue in AX for address tab. Address tab on customer and vendor belongs to BasicSetup security group. Now to solve this you have to update the permission on this group. In user group permission you have to chose Basic > Setup and set create or full control on this group.

In the attached doc, i dont understand why you focused “Address” tab and “Site”, “Warehouse”. I hope that is by mistake?

If your problem is with “Line discount” field, it might not be because of permissions, because it doesn’t have any security key.

May be user by mistake hidden it or may be any customization?

You go to sales order tab> right click on some field on the form and check whether “show” option is available.

Thanks Santosh