Line Details are not visibling to other users


I Have header form and a table box,The table box will show the corresponding line details.

When i create document the line details are not visible to other users but the header is visible.

Help Me

Jerome Marshal.j

On your TableBox, check out the SubFormLink property, it’s maybe incorrectly setup

Hi Marshal,

Are you trying to create a Document Form (the one which has 2 parts Header and Line, like Sales Order)? If so, you need to create 2 tables for header and line. I will use Sales Order as an example. Sales Order has 2 tables Sales Header and Sales Line.

  • Create a Card form for Sales Header, name it as Sales Order. Add a subform in this form.
  • Create a List form for Sales Line, name it as Sales Order Subform. If you use wizard, dont forget to remove all of the button below.
  • Go back to your Sales Order form, click on the subform and go to Properties. Look for SubFormID -this is your Sales Order Subform ID, and SubFormLink -this is a field which link these two tables, in this case Document No. (No. in Sales Header and Document No in Sales Line.)

Now you have a Document Form. Fine tune it with the HorzGlue and VertGlue properties and AutoSplitKey if you need it.

Hi Forum

I found the solution i just deleted the Zup file the problem is solved.Now all the users can view the Line details


Jerome Marshal.J

The unfamous ZUP file can be of such a nuisance at time [:)]