Limitation for creating number of tables

As per requirement,I want to create two new tables .So,want to know if there is any limitation on number of tables one can create.

That depends upon no. of tables in your licence…

You can create 49999 new tables. They need to be numbered between 50000 and 99999.

Before you can create them then they need to be added to your license. Microsoft charges for each additional object (table, form/page, report etc.) that you want to use, besides the standard objects. So you need to contact your Dynamics NAV reseller and ask them to buy and assign the numbers to your license. If you think that you might need more tables later, then you will save money if you buy 10 tables each time, instead of one. You only need to “assign” numbers to the tables you need now and can assign the other numbers later.

To create and modify tables you also need the table designer in your license.

By default 10 Free tables comes with Customer License. Check if any object id is free and then you can use that.

Range 50000 to 50009

Is this something new? Or maybe specific to an Indian license?