Limit the number of users who can access Nav2009

We have a particular requirement whereby we have a license that has a very high user count and several sites around the country. What we want to do is somehow restrict the number of licensed users at each site without getting multple licenses.

Say I have a license for 100 users and I have 30 at one site and 40 at another, I want to ensure that each site does not exceed the number of users for that site.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the native NAV database or SQL Server? And what version?

We are currently on Nav 2009 SP1 , the database is on SQL sever 2008 R2. This is also slightly complicated as we are using what we call a hosted model whereby we have several companies on the same database being run from a data center.

Hi… I think it is easy to do using scheduller…

  1. Create Table - User Location with field “Max Number of Sessions”

  2. Assign User Location Code on the User Setup Table

  3. In The Codeunit 1 - Function OnLogIn: scan session table and calculate number of users within the same group as current user session… If exseeds Max - give mesage. 'Your Location exseeds… If nobody disconnects you will be disconnected in 60Sec"

  4. Run Scheduller every 60 Sec: scan Session table and calculate number of uses per group… If in some group exceeds - delete last connected users… (you can delete longest inactive users also…)