Licience importation Problem

Hi gays,

I have navision 4.0 with a licience of 4.0. Now a new licience have been acquired which is a licience for navision 5.0. i needed to replace this new licience with the old one there. When i imported the licience file for navision 5.0 to replace the old one there, it imports and the new licience shows. But when i close the program and open it again, the old licience shows again. I imported again and then close and open it again, still the old one shows.

Does the nav.5.0 licience work on navision 4.0? If yes, then what could be the problem why the new licience is not been saved and seen whenever the program is closed and open again?


It looks like you are trying to import the license into the client. This needs to be done on the server. Is this a SQL server or a Native server? There are different ways to do each.

I have imported it into the server. I am Using the Native DB, not SQL.

Can you explain how you imported it, becasue you must have done some step wrong.

From your description it seems that you push Change button on license information form. You have to push Import button.

this is my step: Tools—>Licience information---->Import, then i locate the licience and the clicked on save. This changes the licience from the old licience to the new one. Then i open the database. when i click on help—> About Microsoft Bussiness solution-Navision. this give me the new licience imported.

The problem comes when i close the program and open it again, i find the old one still there meaning it has not been imported.


Do you import license after opening database (on the server)?

OK, so getting back to the first quesiton, “you are doing this on a client” you must do it on the server.

Go to the server. Shut down Navision. Search for all files of type *.FLF on the server. Find the ones called fin.flf and rename them to fin.flf.400 then in what every directory you rename the fin.flf place the new license (names fin.flf) in that folder.

Make sure then that the files called FIN.FLF on the server are the correct license.