I have a friend who runs a small manufacturing concern. He originally licensed the 10-user standard edition of Navision through his ISV for around $20k. He needs to add a few more users (say 5). Now his ISV is telling him he needs to upgrade to the unlimited licensing model with professional edition priced at an additional $30k. Is this correct? Is there a more efficient alternative?

Appreciate any insight.


Dynamics NAV standard is for 10 or less users, the professional version is for more than 10 users and provides additional granules that can only be purchased with a professional license. The standard granule prices are less than the same granules for professional. Your friend should have been informed of this at the time he made the purchase. If you need additional licenses over 10, you must purchase the professional license. Generally you would purchase the professional version and get a full credit back for the price you paid for the standard version. Credit only for software costs of course.

You might have your friend contact Microsoft directly, they have been known to give relief from this policy if you push hard enough. Microsoft of course wants to sell users as a bottom line.

Yup - And I would guess that the $30,000 is a low estimate.

The ‘Standard’ edition, is basicly a Per User pricing, where you actually recieve access to granules worth a lot of money, compared to Professional.

Good luck.