Licensing on NAV 2013

Hi Experts,

I originally bought Starter Pack with 5 additional user licenses for Company A. I now have Company B and planning to setup new database and new company because they are of different industry/entity.

Do I have to buy Starter Pack license if I will set up new database and new company on the same SQL Server? Or additional user will be enough?

Please advise.


Is Additional company is under the same group company ?

If yes then we can add more license and can use the same license for company B

If not then you have to buy separate license.

Hi Amol,

Yes it is under the same group of company. Company B will set up on separate database and on the same server.

No, 1 database with 2 companies. Your license only allows you 1 database. If you want a second database, you need a second license.

For Separate database you need to have different license.