License Program Warning

Hi… I’ve got this message on my navision when I run more than 2 user,… “Your program license does not permit more user to work simultaneously wait until another user has quit the program, contack your system manager if your want to allow more simultaneous user on your system”… On Our Customer site, Just for information that license NF that I bought ware 25 user for my customer, and I already change with my own user NSD, with 10 sesion, the message were still the same, I already test the license on our office and no problem like on my customer site, Just for Information On my customer site are using old HUB 10M and on my office site are using HUB 10/100M. Can anyone help my problem… Regard Ako Edited by - ako_ebsi on 2001 Aug 03 14:44:13

It sounds like you have the wrong license somewhere. My guess is that the server has the wrong program license attached to it: I suspect that the server is running under the CRONUS training license. I ran into a similar situation once, in reverse: the server was running with the customer’s own license, but the individual workstations were using training licenses. In that case, everything seemed to be running OK, although Navision US was not too happy with us when they found out what was going on… ------- Tim Horrigan Edited by - horrigan on 2001 Aug 03 15:22:06

Just to make sure: Select File->Database->Information and go to the sessions tab. This will show you the allowed simultaneous sessions. Or select Tools->License Information. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

This is nothing to with licenses at all. The license on the client makes no difference at all once you are connected to the server. In most situations it would be the cronus license . When you install the server you have the option of defining the maximum number of users. You have to uninstall the service Then reinstall using the command line SERVER SESSIONS=25, SERVERNAME=?, DATABASE=?, INSTALLASSERVICE You may want to define the cache size as well, replace the ? with the relevant values. Paul Baxter

Just as a by question to this. How do you install the Navision server with another Service name (not server name!) in Windows 2000 than what it defaults to? Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

You can install multiple servers on a machine. The must all have different names and the services takes the name of the server. You then must put an entry in the hosts and services files for the server name. You can then have any number of servers running off one machine. Paul Baxter

Paul, Thanks but I know that one can install more than one server service on a server. I was asking how? Navision’s INSTALLASSERVICE does not AFAIK allow you to name the service directly. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

When installing from the command line you can specify the name of the second server via the line below: server servername=SecondServerName,nettype=tcp, cache=128000,commitcache=no,database=d:\databases\Attain.fdb,installasservice Next, you need to make sure you make an entry in the services file so that other servers will have access. The information that I refer to can be found in the Installation and System maintenance manual pages 28-31 (2.60 version)

Michael, This is the SERVERNAME not the SERVICE NAME! If you look at how the service name looks when it’s installed as default then it’s like this “Navision Financials SERVER”, but if you install it manually then you cannot use spaces in the name. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group