License Problem/Issue

We have a client, and he just bought few user sessions a while ago. We loaded the new license file in the Live database and worked perfectly. I exported the license file from the live database and uploaded it into the development database, but the no of Licensed session did not change. It is still display the old licensed sessions. What did I miss. I exported copy of the license (from live database) and moved it to a computer that is running the development database. The copied license file is in classic, rtc, services folder. Why wont the no. of licensed session update. I tried saving the license in database, tried uploading the license, tried restarting the services. I am kinda out of ideas. Any ideas or suggestions?

I think you should import the license with the corresponding function.

To be more precise, I meant “Import” function.

I assume that you use Tools → Licence Information → Export.

Doing this, you export the FIN.FLF-file from you client location, not from the database.

Frankly - I have never exported the licence from NAV - allways used Explorer and Commmand Prompt…
So how to export it from SQL, I don’t know.
But I guess that you have to do it from within SQL.

Tip: I allways maintain my NAV by having the current FIN.FLF in my Cient Folder.

What is size of .FLF file ???

I used the Import function to bring in the license file in the development database. The size of the .flf file is about 34kb. What are the steps to export is using explorer and command prompt. I have never done it that way. I only know about Tools > License Information > Export or Import. and then move the copy of the license file in the classic, rtc, and services folder. How do you export license from the database???

Sorry this might seem like a stupid question, but its better to be stupid for a min than be stupid for life. I understand the difference between upload and import. Upload – uploads the license file in the sql server database. While Import - loads the license file in the client installation (Classic, RTC, Service) folder. Lets say you have two different license files loaded; one on your sql server and one on your client installation folder (classic, rtc, service). Which one would system load by default when nav opens. 2nd-- which is better in terms of general practice and performance? Uploading the license file to sql server using Upload or using Import and putting it locally. Also, if both of these locations needs to have the same file, what is the order the license file should be imported in (1st Upload , and then Import or Visa Versa or doesnt matter)??