License Permission Issue

Hi All,

My client’s license has permission for NAV5.0 and NAV2009 both. When I use it in NAV2009, for posting purchase order I get an error

" You don’t have permission to read IC Partner table".

whereas in NAV5.0 it posts it successfully.

I have checked the permission for IC Partner table in both the version is NO

( Message(’%’, ICPartner.READPermission) gives NO.

But in NAV5.0 it posts the PO Successfully.

whereas in NAV2009, in codeunit 90 it stucks at following code:

IF (PurchHeader.“Buy-from IC Partner Code” <> ‘’) AND (ICPartner.GET(PurchHeader.“Buy-from IC Partner Code”)) THEN

Any idea how to resolve it?

Sorry, for double post.

Hi Dhan,

I have deleted the duplicate.

On the permissions - how are you managing to post using 2009 & 5.0 versions ?

I am assuming that the 2009 is in a test enviornment - have you check the user permissions?

Hi Dave,

We have upgraded the database to NAV2009 and observed that using client’s license we are not able to post the Sales Order, Purchase order etc., whereas same could be done in NAV5.0.

I have checked in base version of NAV2009 also, but we are not able to use this license for many transections.

Although license is upgraded for NAV2009.

Following is mentioned in the license file:

2,110 Navision Version 3.xx 1
2,120 Navision Version 4.0 1
2,130 Navision Version 5.0 1
2,140 Navision 2009 1

Is it a mistake on microsoft’s part or am I missing something?

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.

Hi Dhan,

is the client using intercompany?

If not then check that the PurchHeader.“Buy-from IC Partner Code” is blank for the PO.

The IF (PurchHeader.“Buy-from IC Partner Code” <> ‘’) part of the IF should not cause the GET to execute

I have checked it is blank.

Is it possible that this particular license has different permissions for different versions?

i.e. Different set of permissions for 3.7,4,5 and NAV2009 in one license?

Hi Dhan,

The license is the same for all versions - so again this would point to user permissions. Can you try a user with SUPER & SUPER(DATA) roles?

Also review/import your role for new object is Nav 2009.

I am using SUPER user.

Now I have NAV2009 objects, I have tried with the base version of NAV2009, same country specific database also, it doesn’t work

What do you mean by “Also review/import your role for new object is Nav 2009.”?

Hi Dhan,

Does the SUPER user have the role SUPER(DATA)?

What I mean is to review the roles on the database and modify if required or to import the standard roles from a Nav 2009 database.

It sounds more like a problem with the license. Can you test a different client license on the database to see if it’s a setup or license problem.

Hi Dave,

I have tried with SUPER (DATA) also, but of no use.

In principle if someone is SUPER user then adding SUPER (DATA) does not add any additional permissions.

Seems it is a license issue. I don’t have any other such NAV2009 client license, so can’t try that.

Anyway, Thanks a lot for your help/ time…

Do use useonly super role or is other roles for user? I knew problem when user has super role and additional role with restriction for the table. And the role with restriction made SUPER role more weak…

Hi Bashtannik,

I have used only SUPER role…

Hi Dhan Rai,

Interesting problem.

Can you send the some string of code BELOW than

IF (PurchHeader.“Buy-from IC Partner Code” <> ‘’) AND (ICPartner.GET(PurchHeader.“Buy-from IC Partner Code”)) THEN

Code below is different or same in the both versions?


Just to follow up:

It seems there was some issue with the license file that I was using.

I am changing the status of post to Solved.


I’m actually having this same issue. We’re having this issue when posting General Journals. Here are the factors:

  1. A permission error occurs on the following line of code in Codeunit 11:

IF (Vendor.“IC Partner Code” <> ‘’) AND (GenJnlTemplate.Type = GenJnlTemplate.Type::Intercompany) AND
(ICPartner.GET(Vendor.“IC Partner Code”))
ICPartner.CheckICPartnerIndirect(FORMAT(“Account Type”),“Account No.”);

  1. With our Dev license the posting works 100%. But with the user license the we get the Permission error.

  2. The error occurs even with the SUPER User (so not a role/permission issue)

  3. In the same database, with the same user license but in a different company also using the SUPER role the permission error doesn’t occur.

e.g.: in Company A with user License and SUPER user the error occurs, while in Company B with user License and SUPER user the error does not occur.

  1. The IC Partner Code for ALL vendors is blank.

  2. The IC Partner table is empty.

  3. The version is NAV 2009 Sp1.

  4. Intercompany Functionality is not used. In this database, which is why it’s not in the license.

The above mentioned gives me reason to believe that:

  1. This is not a license issue as users are, in fact, not meant to be using the functionality.
  2. This is not a Role/Permission problem
  3. This is not caused by data being added to the IC Partner table with another license as was in this case:

Does anybody have any experience with this?

Hold on… I was given incorrect info. The IC Partner table was populated. Deleted the data

Matt Traxinger was correct: