License Issue

Can anyone tell me how can I know from Navision License file Information which should be the number series (i.e. Object IDs) for the customized objects (Table, Form, Report , Dataport & codeunit)? I have developed some Tables & Forms in the 60,000 series but are not running while run time license has been introduced. What is the information, I must check in both licenses (Developer & Runtime) to get the exact Id for customization, which will run smoothly in run time license also.

At the end of the file must be object numbers with letters RIMDX (read/insert/modify/delete/execute), if instead of letter there is -, then yuo do not have corresponding right. For example Codeunit ---------------------------------- 1-20 R-MDX You can’t insert these objects 50,000-99,999 RIMDX You can do everything

There is a nice tool available you can use to check licenses! Regards, Jörg

Hi, Create a new form,Give the table “Permission Range” Use tabular view, transfer all fields and preview voila!! Apply filters for object type as required Regards,

Jörg, Thanks a lot for this free publicity. :wink:

A report (10313) which shows this is actually included in the North Americian Versions (3+). As far as custom objects which the client has purchased…The Config.txt file, which is included with the clients license, should tell you that information. Any custom object which the client buys can be accessed from a developers license.