License issue

I am working as remote employee for North American Standard Database. I am here in Asia Pasific Region. I am using NA standard License, But i cannot modify their object in my local machine with same License. i have installed Dynamics NAV NA version in my local machine as well. while i create new object it works fine but when i am going to modify the existing object which was developed by Co-worker (in USA) it just hangs out and gives not responding error.
I am suffering form this problem i want to get rid out this problem.
Can anyone tell me what is the problem and how to shut out it


this is most probably not a license issue but an issue with differing binaries.

This means that your co-worker and you are running with different versions of the executables.
Please check the version of your finsql.exe and compare with the one from your co-worker.

This is a known behavior - especially with NAV2009R2 where some clients have hotfixes applied and others do not.

Both of us use R2 version.
Can you please suggest the hotfix for this??

Have you verified that you are running on the same build of the R2 Version. You can see your buildversion either by Help, About or take the FINSQL.EXE - use Properties and look for the version there.

If you are trying to edit the code of an object that comes from a NEWER build, then you might be facing this problem.