License Issue

Hi all,

In Nav 4.0SP2, while i Archive the PO, I receive an message " You are not authorised to read/insert into Purchase Header Archive Table". I entered into the database as SUPER user, Is that any License problem, I have PO management, Purchase Invoicing granule in my license. Is there any other granule required apart from this to Archive the PO.

You get permission to various areas in NAV via the granules. Permission to use Purchase Header Archive (table 5109) is currently granted via granule 3010 (Basic General Ledger).

But that is not enough: There are several versions within granule 3010 (and all the other granules as well). A new granule-version is issued from MS when e.g. some new feature is implemented in NAV.

Currently Object Permission is granted via granule 3010, version 89 and newer (Country Code: DK) and version 84 and newer (Country Code: W1). In other Country Codes other versions probably are used.

Prior to that permission was granted via granule 5160 (CRM), but only till granule-version 12 (Country Code: DK).

As permission now is granted via granule 3010 (a very basic one), all licenses should be able to access Purchase Header Archive.

Note: Other granules/versions may be in use in other countries.

I guess that only thing for you to do is to have your NAV-partner to update your license - in Deployed C/Caps (a partner tool only) it is called an “INTERNAL”. If you don’t have Enhancement Plan you may have a problem though.

When we do such an update for our customers, we do not charge the customer any fee!