I can’t understand how it works the matter with License and granule!!

What is there in the basic version??WHY some fuction are not usable??

Thank you

For a year already MS changed the licensing system of NAV. In the past customer could select and buy only the functional modules (read granules) he needed. Now there are only two “prepacked” sets, called

BRL (stands for Business Ready Licensing) Business Essentials

BRL Advanced Management

+still same optional Granules for BRL AM available, but with very specific (rare) usage.

Although you can see the full menus, you can use the functionality included in your license, thats why you somewhere get a message “You don’t have permission to run…”

Hi Rajesh,

In the old versions of NAV there was only what now is called Module Based Licensing (MBL). That ment that you had to specify exactly what functionality you needed in your installation. You had to specify EVERYTHING!

But many users felt that it was too complex. So Microsoft introduced the Basic Edition (BE) and the Advanced Management Edition (AM). If you want to know what’s in which version then login to Partnersource and download the pricelist.


thank you very much for your answer. But, can you help me?How can I find the partner source?


PartnerSource, as its name says, is a MS Extranet site for Partners - companies that have fulfilled requirements and signed agreement with MS to sell and implement Dynamics NAV (or/and other MS software).

If you work at such a company, you have access to PartnerSource (to be more precise, your company has). Other ways of accessing this site don’t exist.

(more info here

Hi Rajesh,

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