license for modify Sales Shipment Header...

if user could modify tabel sales shipment header

what module in my license must be added?

Sales Shipment header is a protected table, such as posted sales invoices. End users aren’t allowed to change directly those tables. To change such table you must add a function in codeunit 80 or something like that.

Ask your navision dealer to allow certain fields to be modified. There is a property permissions that can be set with a developers license. There are already some codeunits that have the right permissions, but the fields that are allowed should be added. The sales shipment header can be modified using the codeunit 391 “Shipment Header - Edit” (version 3.70). The right to modify the Shipment header in a Role should be set to indirect.

out of the box, three fields on the posted sales shipment header can be edited, check those to see if it helps you out

Shipping Agent Code

Shipping Agent Service and

Package Tracking No.

do you mean solution developer?