License File in one PC , is it possible?

if we use license file and then we just put it in server (one computer)

not in every client computer, is it possible?

Yes. You actually only need the Cronus license (demo) on the client. Whenever you connect to the server, you will be using the license from the server.

how we can do that?

is it database – alter – tab integration – save license in database ???

Tools - > License Information

From Help:


Used to import a new license file, which can then be used each time the application is opened (or until another license file is imported).


Used to export a copy of your license file - to a diskette, for example. You will use this when you renew your license.


Used for a temporary change of license file, when a dealer visits you, for example, and has brought his or her own license file on a diskette (to be able to use C/AL permissions). This function ensures that the change is forgotten the next time you start the program, and you will be back with your old license file. You must be sure to use this if you want to work using the demonstration license file cronus.flf. Otherwise you may overwrite your own license file.

no… i mean i don’t want to give license to user in every pc

for example i have xxx.flf

then i just want to put xxx.flf in computer A

how to be computer B and Computer C could work as Computer A without they don’t have xxx.flf

Use “Change”

You must change license everytime you connect to server

ok then

it means we must have license file in every PC

ok thanks for your information

No it does not!

Read the posts again please.

okay…for example i want use license A, but i don’t want to every pc using license A

so i just use License A in the server and i put License B for every PC

so every navision’s user using License A? am I right?

That’s right.

  1. You install the NAV client on each user pc. This also installs the default license file (for Cronus). You call this License B.
  2. Install the License A to the server, as described above (Upload).
  3. When you connect your user’s clients to the server, they will be using the license (B) installed on the server. No need to install License B locally.

ok then thanx Eric

know I I got it :slight_smile:

Hi Stan, from the questions that you have been posting recently, it does apear that you are running two licenses. I can see three scenaios where this could occur:

a/ you have accidentaly gotten a copy of your NSC’s developer license mixed up with your license. If that is the case, then a/ speak to your partner, and make sure they
don’t mix them up again, and b/ go through all your computers, and delete all copies of the Partner license, which will avoid all the problems.

b/ You have two companies (on separate Navision servers) with different licenses. In this case, delete ALL the licenses from all the client computers. Then make sure you have the correct license installed on the correct servers. When the client connects to the appropriate server, it will use the license from the server, and you no longer need to worry about the users getting the wrong license.

c/ You have purchased a separate developers license to your production license. (I seem to remember you saying that you were planning to do this). IN this case its simple. Your new developer’s license will never be connected to the production server. So for all the clients, delete all the license files, then install the correct production license on the server, now when users log in they will get the correct license. When you need to do development, this will be on a completely separate machine to the production server, you will then export objects from that machine and import those objects into a test database that also uses the production license. Once the objects are tested, they will be then exported form test and imported to live.

I think in general that your problem is that you are using a development license on the live system, and that is plain wrong.