License file in NA3.60 under SQL2.000

hi all we have made an upgrade from Navision Financials 2.50 up to Navision Attain 3.60 under SQL 2.000. all upgrade proccess were correctly finished. now, the last step in the upgrade is to load the customer license in the database (SQL saves this license in a table…). when we load the customer license navision returns the message ‘The license was correctly updated’. now we close the attain client and then return to open the client. navision tries to open the customer database but when trying to open the main menu return the next error “You don’t have permission to execute ‘Per-database License’ System” we close this error message and open the license information window (tools,license information…). now we change to the customer license (is the same license that was uploaded on server before…) and then try to open the same database. and our surprise is navision opens the database, the main menu and we can work normally please, suggestions are wanted. thanks & regards to all mck

Did You check the option “License per database” when You created the database. You shouldn’t do that. If You do, the license is stored in the database, otherwise in the Master database. /Lars

As Lars says, you must have checked the Per-database license checkbox. This requires a “per-database license” granule. When you do a Change… from License Information, and then point to a license file, Attain uses that license file. When you open a datbase after you have done Change, Attain does NOT then use the license from the server (or in your case the database), so that is why it worked correctly then. This is to allow expired server license files to be updated, etc. Just uncheck the check box in File/Database/Alter after connecting to your database after Change. Then under License Information choose Upload again. This will load your license to the server, not to the database.

ok & ko ok because making a entire backup, deleting the database, creating a new database (unchecking “License per database”) and restoring the backup it worked fine and we didn’t spend lots of time… ko because i didn’t have this problem before, so i was very lost (zanx lars, zanx a lot) regards to all.

Well, I guess that’s the long way around…

hi again i’ll try to explain the difference between uploading the license file or not when creating the database… when i create the database and check License per database, the license is stored ‘inside’ the database, so i could create some new databases with the same or another license files. this is useful when storing customer databases in my headquarters and i only could use a server. this means i.e. if i’m a partner… in simply words, one server with some databases, each of them with its own license. in opposite case, if i don’t check License per database when creating the database, the license file is stored on server, so the new databases i could create will have the same license file. or said in another way, one server, some databases, each of them with the same license file. just to share knowledge… regards